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Danganronpa Hope's Peak Protagonists Charms

Danganronpa Hope's Peak Protagonists Charms

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A couple of the old versions of the Komaru/Toko and Hajime charms are available! They're being sold for a little bit cheaper in order to clear out the old stock.

The best protagonists from the Hope’s Peak Academy storyline, now in acrylic charm form!

Character charms available include:

✧ Makoto Naegi from DR1: Trigger Happy Havoc

✧ Hajime Hinata from SDR2: Goodbye Despair

✧ Komaru Naegi/Toko Fukawa from Ultra Despair Girls

Each charm is printed on clear acrylic, has double-sided artwork, and is approx. 3 inches in length. Each one also comes with a sick gold star clasp!

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